FASTag Card For Highway Toll Collection

A FASTag is a reloadable tag which is used to automatically deduct toll charges allowing a vehicle to pass through a toll gate without stopping for the payment. It uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to make cashless payments through a prepaid account linked to it.

FASTags are fixed to the windscreen of a vehicle and an RFID antenna in the canopy of the toll gate scans the QR code and the tag identification number, following which the boom barrier lifts to allow a vehicle to pass through. The FASTag is valid for a period of five years and it comes in seven different colours — violet, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green and black. Each category of vehicle is assigned with a particular color.

Why You Should Buy RFID FASTag

RFID Technology
highlights of fastag program

FASTag utilizes RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to make cashless payments through a prepaid account linked to it.

Parkwayitsecurity Payments

FASTag is linked to a Parkwayitsecurity wallet from which the exact amount is automatically deducted. You can recharge it anytime, anywhere.

More than 450 Toll Plazas

FASTag is presently operating at more than 450 Toll Plazas across national highways. More city and state plazas will be on-board in future.

Benefits of FASTag India

For Vehicle Owners:
  • Hassle free toll payments at FASTag toll plazas
  • Avoid long queues
  • Upto 3%* cashback
  • Non-stop movement of vehicles can lead to lower fuel costs
  • Various payment options like credit/debit cards, NEFT, etc. can be used for online FASTag recharge
  • FASTags can be linked to insurance policies helping customers to do away with the urgency of carrying the policy documents
For toll operators:
  • Cashless payments without the involvement of change
  • Reduced time taken to process tolls
  • No customer aggression due to long queues and change
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Better audit control through centralised user accounts
For Government:
  • Better highway management
  • Brings on transparency in toll transactions
  • Reduction in revenue leakages
  • Greater project accountability

Overall Impact of FASTag toll tag on Indian Transportation

Getting stuck in long queues while crossing NHAI tolls is perhaps something we have all experienced at some point. National Highways Authority of India or NHAI plans to make this a thing of the past by launching NHAI FASTag program in April, 2016. The ultimate plan is to offer non-stop movement of vehicles through toll plazas and cashless collection of toll gate fees at toll plazas. This implementation by the Indian government has been applauded by all, which is evident from the fact that automatic collections at toll plazas along national highways, in conjunction with toll plaza free passes, has led to 24% increase in electronic toll revenue. The number of FASTag units sold has also increased drastically from 3,113 FASTag toll pass units sold in May 2016 to over 3 Million units until August 2018. Indian transportation as we know is the backbone of Indian economy, and with this move, this backbone will only strengthen.

Tag Issuance Fees & Charges

Security Deposit and Threshold Amount will be Additional

Vehicle Class 4 Tag Colors

Car / Jeep / Van

Tata Ace & Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle

Vehicle Class 5

Light Commercial Vehicle (2 Axle) / Mini-Bus

Vehicle Class 6

Bus/Truck (3 Axle)

Vehicle Class 7

Bus/Truck (2 Axle)

Vehicle Class 12

Bus/Truck (4 Axle / 5 Axle / 6 Axle)

Vehicle Class 15

Truck (7 or More Axle)

Vehicle Class 16

Heavy Construction machinery (HCM) / Earth Moving Equipment (EME)

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